Z CAR M Pure Handcrafted Electric Guitar BZ-1 – FREE SHIPPING



Hi mates,

This is an absolute Eye-Catcher !

Here I am selling my first own hand made guitar after my own design. I called this model BZ-1

The hardware is like from a Fender Telecaster and the sound its like it. Pretty twangy.

With regards the hardware, I am not able to tell you any brand name, as I just ordered the golden bridge, the golden single coil pickup and the mother of pearl buttons from eBay and its a longer time ago, so I cannot tell you. Sorry.

However, the neck is from a Harley Benton guitar and need to be adjusted.

The intonation is pretty fine already, but as mentioned, the neck need to be adjusted.

This unique guitar is absolutely playable and ready to use. Electrics are fine as well !

The wood itself comes from the Philippines. Its a 2 piece body.


Scientific Name: Shorea Negrosensis
Weight: Abt 500kgs/m3
Description: Also known as red Lauan, the Philippine Mahogany is considered the very best in Asia. – The types growing in LUZON are generally harder and darker, while MINDANAO origin is a lighter and milder type. This guitar body comes from Philippines, Negros Occidental.

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