Emagic Audio Logic 5.5

So, you are old-school I assume and you still want to use Emagic Audio Logic 5.5 For Windows for your recordings but maybe facing trouble with program installation, usage or anything else ?

Then you are right with me as I was using Logic 5.5 (after using Steinberg) since mid 1990th until 2014 when I changed over to Logic Pro X for Mac. As you know the Logic 5.5 version was the LAST one for PC, OS Windows.

During these years I gathered plenty of experience so that I am now in a position to help you out with your issues. Still, I am not a professional with regards to some features of Logic 5.5 as I never used some of them.

But in order to use Logic 5.5 properly I am sure I can be a big help for you.

So, today I am going to offer you something incredible:

  • You will get direct links to my Logic 5.5 Video Tutorials in easy to understand English language in order to start Logic 5.5 from beginning on
  • How to start from beginning on
  • How to use VST Instruments
  • How to use fader in and out
  • How to master your song
  • How to mixdown or bounce your song project
  • And maybe something what you also like to know – How to import Logic 5.5 songs into Logic Pro X
But wait, the most important here is I am offering FREE support in case you need any help. I will be……


Which means, with my dedication to this program I will be there for you from beginning to the end of your problem without charging you anything !!! This can be via TeamViewer or Skype !

And – I will produce personal Video Tutorials on demand in

English or German language only for you !!!!

PLUS: You will get some Logic 5.5 manuals for FREE as well !

Doesn´t this sound good to you ?

But please note: I am ONLY offering support for Logic 5.5 working under Windows XP

Under hard circumstances and with an additional fee per hour I could try to help after negotiations !

So, take this opportunity to continuous working with Logic 5.5 as I always loved this user friendly program and did not face any major system issues with it.

You will get the full video package for only

39.99 Euro

PLUS my personal service and manuals FOR FREEEEE !

Just order today and you will receive the links to the Logic 5.5 video tutorials and manuals instantly in English language !

The personal support offer will last for 3 Month !

Description of Emagic Audio Platinum 5.5 For Windows:

Emagic was a music software and hardware company based in Rellingen, Germany and a satellite office in Grass Valley, CA. On July 1, 2002 Emagic was bought by Apple Computer. Emagic’s Windows-based product offerings were discontinued on September 30, 2002.

The company was best known for its music sequencer, Logic. Logic stemmed from Creator, then Notator, made by C-Lab (the company’s forerunner) for the Atari ST platform. In 1992, Notator Logic was launched for Atari and Macintosh, followed by a version for Windows. The “Notator” was dropped from the name and the product was redesigned from the ground up, and the product became known under the name “Emagic Logic”. Original copies of Emagic’s logic retailed for $699 and sold its plugins for $99–$299 apiece before Apple bundled them all together. When Apple bought Emagic, Logic had “Emagic” dropped from the title, and is now called Logic Pro.

The other major software product that Emagic offered was SoundDiver, an editor/librarian for hardware synthesizers. It communicated via MIDI and offered easy patch and sound management. While there was a beta version for Mac OS X, production of SoundDiver was discontinued in 2005.

Emagic formerly offered a line of audio interface hardware, the Audiowerk PCI cards, as well as USB units. A potential post-acquisition successor to these products, the unreleased Asteroid FireWire interface, was the subject of the Apple v. Does trade secret litigation

Source: Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emagic

Logic 5.5 – Facebook group site: HERE

Logic 5.5 Manuals to purchase only – HERE

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